Netball- The Legendary Sport

Published on 06/02/2021

Have you ever heard of Netball? Netball is a great conditioning sport, that tones your muscles, help you to build new ones, can help you to lose weight and fat and most importantly it is fun. But what is Netball exactly, and where are its origins? Continue reading and learn about one of the most popular sports around the world.

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Netball- The Legendary Sport

The History of Netball

Netball started as an early version of basketball, however as time passed, it became its own sport. In 1893 the early version of basketball was introduced in physical training at the Hampstead University, by a professor called Martina Bergman- Österberg. Instead of the known baskets from basketball, the professor changed them to nets. The sport was called “Net Ball” and was played outside on the grass. The sport quickly made it around the world and it didn’t take long until the game was beloved in Australia, America and so on. At the beginning of the sports history, the game was mostly played by women. Only in 1980s the sport became popular to men and 5 years later in 1985, the first netball championship for men was held.


Netball came from the early version of basketball and is therefore is in some ways very similar to the sport regarding its rules. Each team consists of 5-7 players. Every player is assigned to a position and if they are not in the assigned position, they will be deemed offside. Once a player caught a ball, the ball can only be hold by the player for maximum 3 seconds and the player can only make 1.5 steps with the ball in their hand. The score is counted one point per ball in the net. There is no maximum score. Once the time is up, the team with the higher score has won.

Most Famous Netball Players

Geva Mentor- Geva Mentor is an English Netball player. In the year of 2000 she was selected for the English national netball team and helped the team win several awards. Currently, the talented player is playing for the Collingwood Magpies#15. The positions she plays are GK, GD, WD. Her net worth lies between $1 – $5 Million.

Laura Langman- Laura Langman counts to one of the most famous netball players of all times. The retired Australian netball player, played for the super Australian netball league called “Sunshine Coast Lighting”. She was not only a netball player, but also the vice-captain and the captain, of the New Zeeland National Netball Team.

Karin Burger – Karin Burger is a South African netball player. For many years she is already playing for the New Zeeland national netball team and also represented them at the netball world cup in 2019.

Karen Atkinson- Karen Atkinson, is a former English netball player and coach. The first time she played for a competition was in 1994 and in 1997 she was selected to play for England’s national team. The famous player, played for teams such as the Hertfordshire Mavericks and many more. She also played with the capital shakers and in many championships.